Frequently Asked Questions?

Here you can find FAQ’s pertaining to the new DronePal website, if you have other questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please feel free to contact DronePal with your questions.


  • What does it cost to join DronePal as a member?
    • Nothing, it is absolutely FREE to join DronePal, just sign up here


  • Once I join is there any cost to Listing a Service or Item for sale?
    • No, there is absolutely NO cost to listing a service or an item for sale on DronePal, we do offer a paid feature to get you more views, however there is no obligation to use these additional features


  • Can I post more than 1 listing at a time?
    • Yes, you can post as many listings, services or items for sale as you would like, there is NO cost and NO limit on listings


  • If I purchase a service, how can I be sure that I receive what I bought?
    • DronePal has taken several steps here to protect both Buyers and Sellers within our community marketplace.  When a Buyer makes a purchase, the funds are collected by DronePal and held until both the Buyer and Seller agree the services have been rendered as described.  Through our platform, the Seller will acknowledge when they completed the service and then the Buyer will acknowledge and release the funds.  DronePal will then release funds automatically to the Seller’s account and the seller can withdrawal or use their funds to make other purchases if so desired.


  • What if I am not satisfied with the services rendered?
    • DronePal suggests that the Buyer and Seller communicate openly and effectively to resolve any situation that may arise out of a listing.  We also offer the ability for you to leave reviews and ratings with Sellers to ensure that they work towards providing the best service possible.  If all attempts in trying to resolve a dispute fail, please contact DronePal and we will review all materials and negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution to satisfy both the Buyer and Seller.


  • Are there any Fees when someone buys my listing or service?
    • Yes, DronePal charges a small 15% fee to the Listing Member which helps to cover the costs of maintaining the website and processing fees for accepting payments.


  • How do I get paid for my Listing that was sold?
    • The funds for each sale are collected in your account, you may use these funds to purchase services on DronePal or you can request a withdrawal at any time.  Any request to withdrawal funds are processed within 24 hrs and can be sent via Zelle, PayPal, Stripe or paper check.


  • Can I list any services or items for sale on DronePal?
    • You may list any Drone Related Services on DronePal, it may be a professional service, amateur service or an item for sale.  Any images or services that are deemed non drone related will not be approved and could void your membership.


  • Is it okay to directly contact Buyers/Sellers?
    • Yes, DronePal has no issues with Buyers/Sellers talking to ensure the proper services/items are purchased and there is no confusion.  However, if it is identified that Sellers are making direct sales for listings on DronePal outside of the platform, we reserve the right to terminate your membership or convert it into a monthly paid membership.


  • Will there be DronePal Events?
    • Yes, DronePal is working on setting up local events around the country and world to bring together the community for Drone Education, Fly Time, Racing and more.  If you have a desire to be a part of one of these events or help coordinate, please reach out to us on our contact page.