Welcome to DronePal 2.0

March 30, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ DronePal,News

We would like to Welcome you to DronePal 2.0, this process has been a huge undertaking, however we identified a several areas from the original Dronepal site that needed to be updated, overhauled and redesigned.  Unfortunately, the business model of just renting drones was not in high demand to support a US site or a Worldwide site.

That is why we upgraded to DronePal 2.0, this site not only gives you the ability to rent your drones and meet others in the community that are drone enthusiasts, this site will also give you the ability to fly your drone for others and get paid.  You can post your listing for the area that you are most comfortable doing.

Training, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Emergency Services, Journalism and so much more.  Simply create your Listing or 5 or 10 and tell our Users why they should choose you to work with and we do the rest.

Hows it work?

  1. Post your listing or listings for all to see
  2. Users will either contact you directly through DronePal 2.0 or will purchase your listing (DronePal 2.0 receives funds)
  3. Fulfill the listing with the user/customer
  4. Confirm that the service has been delivered
  5. Customer confirms they received and leaves you a 5 star rating (hopefully)
  6. DronePal 2.0 Releases funds minus our small fee

Everyone is safe, protected and ready to do it again.

Contact us with any questions